MATIZ Has Achieved Significant Sales Increase and Improvement in 2019
Date : 2020-01-06     Click : 970

MATIZ has achieved a significant sales increase and fruitful improvement in 2019. We will face the challenges and seize every opportunity in 2020.

Today, MATIZ held the 2019 annual summary and 2020 working plan called Initiating the 2020s at the Zhongshan headquarters. In 2019, MATIZ has achieved the following improvements.

1. MATIZ Elevator Co., Ltd. and MATIZ Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Have been  recognized as National High-tech Enterprise.

2. Won the title of Enterprise of Contract and Credit in Guangdong Province.

3. The first manufacturer to obtain the A1 elevator production license in Southern China.

4. The 8.0m/s 2000kg passenger elevator was successfully installed and passed the type examination.

5. Became the training base for elevator inspectors of Guangdong Special Inspection Institute.

6. Acting as the governing unit of Guangdong Elevator Technology Association.

7. Started the construction of MATIZ 2nd factory in Nangjing, China.

8. Won the title of Customer Preferred Growth Value Brand

9. Won the title of Guangdong High-growth SMEs

10. MATIZ smart car parking has been rated as Zhongshan Major Science and Technology and won the support from the government.


All departments summarized the gains and losses in the work in 2019 and described the working plan for 2020 at the meeting. In 2019, MATIZ has done a great job in terms of  elevators and smart car parking products with a remarkable increase of 50%. We exceeded our annual sales target one month in advance and broke the record that MATIZ have maintained for many years.(MATIZ maintained an annual growth of more than 30% for 4 consecutive years before.) Thanks to the efficient operation of multi-department, we strictly guaranteed the incremental and non-delayed shipping efficiency.


Finally, the Chairman Mr. Jason Qiu announced and deployed the business strategy in 2020. He said MATIZ has maintained a rapid growth for many years. Various conditions are ready, great changes are coming. We need to strengthen the implementation of talent strategy and enterprise culture strategy in the next few years. We need to attract more talents through our enterprise culture. We also need to train and keep the talents, only in this way can we ensure that our company is not restricted by human resources during rapid expansion, and maintain strong force for a long time.

In 2019, we sweated and we toiled as we pressed ahead with concrete efforts for achievements. 

The bugle of 2020 has sounded. United as one, we shall work harder. The greater the difficulty, the further we advance.

Let's seize the day and live it to the full, and greet the arrival of the year 2020 together.