Color of Hermes, also Hermes Level
Date : 2020-09-27     Click : 316
The well-known color marketing theory has mentioned that it only takes 0.67 seconds for consumers to have a first impression of the appearance of the product, and the role of color is 67%.
Therefore, many well-known brands have their iconic colors, such as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Chanel, Valentino and Hermes. Speaking of Louis Vuitton, the first impression of brand in many people’s minds is the classic brown pattern. Tiffany’s iconic blue has an exclusive Pantone color number: Pantone 1837, which was created for Tiffany & Co. by Pantone, a global color authority.  Red is the favorite color of the brand founder Valentino Garavani. There is no designer who is more obsessed with red than him in the fashion industry. In Chanel's design, black and white matching is the most used color which often appears in fashion shows. Among them, the iconic orange of Hermès stands out among many colors and is labelled as a luxury. In recent years, this advanced color has also become a popular trend in the home decoration industry. How will this color be applied to the elevator car?

Recently, MATIZ released a villa elevator with Hermès's iconic orange as the main color. The release of the product aroused widespread attention from peers. The elevator car of this elevator is mainly composed of mirror stainless steel and wood veneer, and is equipped with a high-grade and practical handrail. The entire car adopts the same high-end color scheme of Hermes. It is ideal for installation in a villa with the combination of fashion and luxury. Moreover, this color scheme is very versatile, suitable for villas of various styles. It is believed that this advanced color will soon become popular in elevator decoration.