MATIZ assists Longjing District once again, to create a livable holy place
Date : 2020-03-05     Click : 1170

After cooperating with Chongqing Yufeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in 2018, MATIZ has won the advantages of Chongqing Yufeng by our safe elevator technology, rigorous system configuration, and beautiful elevator shape, practicing the purpose of environmental protection and energy saving, and achieving effective energy saving. Favored by Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., we work together again to provide residents in Longjing Plot with a more comfortable living environment.

MATIZ Elevator combines the architectural style of Longjing Plot, and carefully tailors the elevator design plan according to the actual needs of customers. The design of the cabin is bright and generous, the elevator runs quietly which can provide passengers with a peaceful and comfortable riding experience. The elevators provided by MATIZ Longjing Plot not only have artistic sense, but also adopt advanced green energy-saving technologies, save energy and reduce emissions, and actively take on social responsibilities.

These two cooperation with Chongqing Yufeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., prove its trust to the our brand. In the future, MATIZ Elevator Co., Ltd. will continue to increase research and development investment, and always attach great importance to product quality in the production process, and put safety in the entire life cycle of the producing, to fully guarantee the safe operation of the elevator.