MATIZ Work with Zhiren Senior Apartment
Date : 2020-03-06     Click : 1208

With the development of time, the aging of the population structure is an important social problem in China. The birth rate brought about by the universal family planning policy has continued to decline, resulting in an increasingly aging population structure.

Zhiren old-age apartment is an intimate residence providing leisure, entertainment, psychological guidance, spiritual comfort, life care, medical treatment, rehabilitation training and other all-round services for the elderly and disabled people in Qingyuan District, providing a better spiritual entertainment place for the elderly and enriching their spiritual and cultural life.

In view of the inconvenient movement of the elderly, MATIZ and Zhiren pension apartment work together to consider all aspects for the residents, meet the needs of the residents, and provide them with a sickbed elevator without machine room. The spacious cabin allows the elderly with inconvenient movement to travel freely. At the same time, the car wall and door of the elevator product are equipped with sound insulation cotton, which makes the operation quiet and can make the passengers have a peaceful and comfortable feeling of taking the elevator Suffer.