How About “Cyberpunk” Style Applied To The Elevator
Date : 2020-10-14     Click : 338

If you have not heard about "cyberpunk", you are too corny. Speaking of ''cyberpunk'', most people may have seen a movie called "Blade Runner". The whole film is full of futuristic and technological sense. The cyberpunk culture in the movie is vividly reflected. In the film, the background tone of neon color left a deep impression on many people. The combination of blue and green has also become the representative color of ''cyberpunk-style''.

''cyberpunk-style'' is used in movies, graphic design, fashion, and even architecture and home design. In recent years, the popularity of ''cyberpunk-style'' has not diminished. How about ''cyberpunk-style'' applied to the elevator? MATIZ R&D team keeps innovation in line with fashion trends and designed a ''cyberpunk-style'' elevator.

This panoramic lift cabin is mainly made of stainless steel and tempered glass, with the cool light strips whose design full of technological and future sense. Compared with the old panoramic lift, the HOP of this new panoramic lift is independently placed outside the car. Not only is it easy to maintain, it also looks more upscale.

The design of MATIZ products is not only aesthetic and trend-following, but also have high quality. As a professional elevator manufacturer with a number of invention patents, hundreds of utility model patents, more than ten software copyrights, and a number of design patents, the product quality is also trustworthy.