MATIZ 2020 Third Quarter Marketing Summary Meeting
Date : 2020-10-22     Click : 265

In the third quarter, MATIZ not only increased sales by 30%, but also achieved very exciting results. MATIZ was named a technology research center, and the boarding bridge project was recognized by the government and won scientific research awards.

MATIZ insists on innovation and offers professional solutions according to the different needs of customers. Especially, the special freight elevator for carrying pigs designed by MATIZ R&D team has solved the problem of transportation of livestock between floors.

MATIZ products are constantly updated in accordance with trends. The same color of hermes villa lift has received the attention and love of many customers which combines the trend of home furnishing in recent years. It is ideal for installation in a villa with the combination of fashion and luxury.

In addition to summarizing the products and sales during the meeting, a more aggressive goal for the fourth quarter was set. Let’s wait and see!