Big News: The Construction Of MATIZ East China Headquarters Has Begun
Date : 2020-11-23     Click : 286

The construction of MATIZ East China Headquarters has begun from 20th,November.

In 2005, MATIZ set up the Southern China Headquarters in Shenzhen, China which covers an area of the 80,000 square meters with annual production capacity of 15,000 units. In addition, MATIZ has multiple branches and more than one hundred overseas special technical service stations.

With client's recognition and trust, MATIZ’s market has been expanding in recent years. 

In order to introduce more talents and provide better services to customers, MATIZ invested 350 million dollars to build East China Headquarters in Lungtan New City, Nangjing, China.

Lungtan Industrial New City is located in the Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone which is a modern industrial and talented concentration area in Eastern China. 

Soon after, A 70,000-square-meter MATIZ intelligent manufacturing center and a 20,000-square-meter MATIZ R & D office center will be here. Hundreds of international advanced manufacturing and testing equipment will be equipped. Besides, the East China Headquarters  will adopt a new design which is more atmospheric and advanced.

It is believed that the completion of the new headquarters of MATIZ will attract a large number of talents and greatly improve competitiveness in the industry.