MATIZ Provided Regular Training For Elevator Professional Skills
Date : 2020-12-10     Click : 242

MATIZ provided regular training for elevator professional skills. In order to make the technicians more familiar with the structure and composition of the elevator, MATIZ carried out elevator disassembly and installation training for them at the manufacturing base of the South China headquarters for two days. After wearing the labor protection equipment, the technicians began to disassemble the elevator car top guardrail, door machine, car door, landing door, and car wall panels. During the training, the professional technical director provided them with guidance. Finally, restore the disassembled parts to their original condition.

While insisting on product innovation, MATIZ also attaches great importance to the professional skills of technicians. Only with sufficient knowledge of the product can develop and innovate in a targeted manner. We also offer free training and guidance of installation and commissioning for all dealers worldwide. Welcome to contact us for more business discussion!