The Turnover At The New Product Event Reached 32,000,000 USD !
Date : 2020-12-30     Click : 266

MATIZ New Product Event about solar lift had been successfully concluded on 25th, December, 2020. MATIZ solar lift will be the first elevator which can generate power in the global world. The outer glass of this strong steel structure elevator use special material. It has high safety, with wind and earthquake resistance. Not only can it be used for up to 32 years, but it can also generate power by absorbing sunlight, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Users can also view the generated power data in real time through the screen. As an unique elevator, while providing a comfortable and safe vertical transportation experience, it can also bring benefits through power generation. 

As soon as the product was released, it aroused the affirmation of the regional sole agents. Once selected to be our regional agent in China, the lifelong maintenance cost and electricity cost are all FOR FREE!!! With these advantages, many regional sole agents didn't hesitate to sign the strategic contracts for 2 years, contract total valued at 32,000,000 USD for the solar lifts. It's quite a great start for MATIZ solar lift. Keep innovation and keep running, MATIZ!!!