MATIZ Provided Lifting-Traversing Mechanical Parking System For Country Garden
Date : 2021-01-06     Click : 269

As a long-term partner, MATIZ and Country Garden have reached multiple cooperation. MATIZ has won the trust of Country Garden which is the top three real estate company in China many times.

This time, MATIZ provided Lifting-Traversing Mechanical Parking System for the new project of Country Garden. A total of 252 mechanical parking spaces solved the problem of difficult parking for the owners. MATIZ Lifting-Traversing Mechanical Parking System not only provide quick and safe access to vehicles but also reduces fuel consumption. It only consumes less than 0.2 kWh of electricity each time.

The equipment drives the chain with the motor drive gear, four - point suspension. The safety rate of chain drive is more than 9 times. The transmission mode has many advantages such as safe and reliable, smoothness, low noise, and reasonable lifting position. It uses an automatically controlled parking system to make parking faster and more convenient.

It is believed that MATIZ will solve the parking problem for more owners in the near future.