Review of MATIZ Results In 2020
Date : 2021-02-26     Click : 244

 About Latest Product
1. Freight Elevator With Special Design For Carrying Pigs
2. The Global First Elevator Capable of Generating Electricity
3. Non-contact Lift Calling To Prevent Germ Transmission

About Social Responsibility
1.Opened emergency operation class in the community to introduce elevator safety knowledge as to raise safety awareness for users
2.Offer adding lift for the transformation of old communities which is supported by government
3.Dispatched elevators to support the makeshift hospital in time when COVID-19 outbreak, only took four days from production to delivery


About Industry Recognition
1. Accreditation of Provincial Engineering Technology R&D Center
2. Accreditation of Provincial Intellectual Property Model Enterprise
3. Accreditation of Provincial Top 500 Company In Manufacturing Industry
4. Obtained the provincial science and technology special fund reward
5. Obtained six qualification certificates of construction

About Team Professionalism
1. Acquired Zhongshan South Elevator Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd.
2. Regular professional skills training for technicians
3. Cooperation with schools to provide students with professional elevator knowledge and provide employment