MATIZ Elevator Cooperated With The Leading Brand Of Home Furnishings
Date : 2021-01-30     Click : 978

Easyhome Furnishings is a home improvement and furniture chain and furniture chain operator in China as well as the country’s second largest in its field. It operates 223 physical home furnishing and DIY-style stores across 29 provinces in China.
As the most potential brand in elevator industry, MATIZ provided 20 units of escalator, 2 units of passenger lifts and 2 units of freight lifts for it.
MATIZ escalators use international advanced technology, which has the advantages of energy saving, quietness and environment friendliness. The perfect solution is designed according to the existing conditions of the building. When there are few people, the VVVF technology can control the escalator operation at different speeds to achieve energy saving. When there is a lot of people, it runs safely and stably, providing passengers with a safe and comfortable experience.
In the future, it is believed that MATIZ will cooperate with more high-end brands and provide services to more people.