MATIZ 2020 Annual Summary Meeting
Date : 2021-01-18     Click : 974

MATIZ annual summary meeting was held in South China Headquarters on 16th, January. In the meeting, salesman gave report to the boss on the year's results and discussed issues.

In 2020, MATIZ achieved outstanding results that sales volumes remained on a growing trend in this special year. It is also expected to maintain an annual growth rate of 30 percent in the future. To meet the growing sales volume, boss has also revealed that MATIZ will have the largest lift production base in the country in the near future. And it will be produced in a fully automated mode. At present, the existing production base in South China has a production capacity of 15,000 units of elevators per year, 3,000 units of escalators per year, 3,000 units of Travalators per year and 20,000 units of smart car parking per year. Once the largest production base is completed, the production capacity will be doubled several times. This also means that sales will rise significantly in the future.

With the global market expanding, it is also pointed out the need for the service network to be improved in the meeting. MATIZ is committed to seeking cooperation all over the world, building a wide and fast-responding domestic and foreign market management network.  
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