MATIZ Makes Parking Easier And Faster
Date : 2021-01-26     Click : 967

241 units of parking equipment was installed in new commercial residential building of  Country Garden recently. 

Adopting four-column structure, the stability and safety have been greatly improved. This parking equipment divides parking spaces into upper and lower floors for car depositing or removing by using lifting mechanism or pitching mechanism. It has a simple structure, economic construction cost, short installation time, high performance and easy operation. It is widely used in private houses, enterprises and institutions and they are located in basements and other places. Compared with original space, the parking space can be increased by 2 time after installation.
The parking equipment is equipped with multiple safety protection devices. If someone intruding into the operating area, the equipment will stop operation to ensure the safety of people and vehicles. Besides, each group of parking equipment has a special locking switch to prevent others from activating the equipment.
According to site conditions and customer needs, a variety of intelligent parking solutions can be chosen. Just contact us!